Galen running near his childhood home in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Galen Hecht

I grew up exploring piñon and ponderosa forests, canyons, and alpine peaks in New Mexico. I then moved between the rainforests of British Columbia and the rugged Maine Coast where my love of trail running grew. Most at home in the mountains, I’m now in Alaska venturing through new stomping grounds, mountain running, and backcountry skiing. By dawn, I’m on the trail. By day, I work as an environmental professional working to conserve the mighty Kenai River. By dusk, I study software development, train to be a mountain athlete, and coach other athletes. Animus Endurance is a place to share the passion and drive.

Trail Running

I started trail running in high school and competed in a few 5k and 10k races. Now I race ultramarathons with some success. My passion is technical trail & mountain running.

Environmental Advocacy

As an professional, my focus is on protecting rivers. With climate change looming, we work to keep the environment healthy so it can adapt to the changes coming.

Ski Mountaineering

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with snow and letting gravity pull me down it. I found my winter joy in ski mountaineering where mountain running and skiing meet.

Food, Books, Friends & Family

To support all this activity I eat good food, reading plenty, and enjoy community. We can’t go it alone in this world, and friends and family are key. It’s fuel & fire.

Animus Mnt Endurance

Coaching – if you are interested in taking your training to the next level. I do custom programming for endurance athletes at affordable rates. Reach out at the email below.